Glow in The Dark Water Marbles

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100% Fun - Nic Nac Water Marbles - Available at Confetti Kids


Let your little One’s Imagination Run free with Nic Nac Water Marbles.

Nic Nacs Water marbles are non-toxic, colourfast, easy to use, and encourage kids to use their imagination.


Available in Three different fun options, are sold in 10g test tubes, and once grown, you get a massive bowl of slippery bouncy fun!


nic-nac water marbles start as tiny dehydrated/dried little beads... to grow them, all you do is simply pour them into a bowl of water, cover with six cups of water, and watch them grow over the following six hours into firm balls of bouncy, slippery fun (up to 150 times their original size.) Once they are grown, drain off the remaining water, and then start playing!

What do you do with them?

We're often asked this question, and there are so many ways to use them, you are limited only by your imagination - which is what makes this product so awesome for all ages.

Pre-schoolers: colour sorting, counting, pretend cooking, water play, sensory play, fine motor skills, bouncing, rolling, fairy gardens, make a fairy rainbow, look for the magic ones (there are a few in each packet!) dragon caves, in the bath (remember to sieve them out before you let the plug out!)  *not for use under three years of age

School age: science experiments (you can dry them on a tray in the sun and they'll go back to their original bead size, ready to grow all over again!), treasures, bouncing, fairy gardens, dragon caves, swapping/trading, in the bath (remember to sieve them out before letting the plug out!), great for show and tell, look for the magic ones ... this is a great exercise!

Adults (yes, that's me!): I like them in the bath, a glass of wine, and they float all around me - it's BLISS!  Also, in a gorgeous glass bowl on the bench, they are very tactile and a wonderful stress release.  Dip your hand into a bowl of these and they feel quite marvellous!!!

They are also a great eco toy - let them dry out and rehydrate - re-using at its best!  Recycle by placing split (broken) eggs into the garden to help your plants thrive.



·         If you add hot (tap) water they will grow quicker.  Not safe to do around small children.

·         They are totally non-toxic, but avoid eating due to potential choking hazard.  

  • Don't confuse water marbles with crystal soil or wedding decorations as those are NOT colourfast and can contain fertilisers and other additives.

·         Glowing water marbles just need to be "charged" to glow.  This means shine a torch or put under a lamp, then turn off the lights and watch the magic!  When they dim, just shine your torch again!

Fun - These are GREAT to bounce, play with in the bath, enhance your fairy garden or dragon cave, or simply let them dry out in the sun and grow them all over again!!  Put some water marbles into little cups full of shaving foam and you won't believe the awesome sensory play you can have with these little beauties!!!!


·         The recommended age for use of water marbles 5+ years old, to ensure that the child can understand that the water marbles are inedible.  Water marbles are not harmful (they are non-toxic) but expandable polymer in a child's belly is not desirable.


Item Specifics:


5 +

Item Weight:

Under 20g


38% Sodium

10% Hydroxide

25% Acrylic Acid

25% Polyacylamide

2% Water 

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