The We Do Game - A card game for Families

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This Gorgeous Game includes 30 cards in a beautiful little box

Argh!!! We are SO in Love with everything about this game!!

Award Winning – Check

Designed in Australia – Check

Fun Factor – Check

Awesome Gift for Mums, Dads, Kids, Grannies, Grandads or a brilliant way to say THANKYOU – Check


The Details – All you need to Know

This stunning little box complete with 30 cards for you and your family to discover.

Designed for kids aged 5 – 90, we love this collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do. Together.

The WeDo Game was created as a way to help families rediscover the elements of "together time" that, in this technological age, many of us often overlook.

The game has been designed to encourage families to disconnect, re-connect and spend more quality time together free from smart phones, laptops and TV.

There is an educational element woven throughout each of the activities, but the game primarily aims to encourage creativity, imagination and importantly, the fostering of meaningful conversations between parents and their kids.

You don't need to be lucky or talented to succeed at The WeDo Game. The game is super easy to play and there are no right or wrong answers.

Its all about having a go, learning, laughing and growing together. As a family.

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